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10 Reasons Why Women Still Like Street Shopping

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Street shopping has always been the most thrilling experience of a woman’s life. Being economically affordable, it is also a mood lifter. Street shopping has always been in practice in some or the other form. Following are some reasons as to why women till date prefer street shopping:

  • Cost-effective: Street shopping has always been very cheap. From the basic to luxurious commodities are easily available on the streets. The quality suffers sometimes, yet, most of the time you are able to extract the best. Surprisingly, you don’t lag in the trends because the knock-outs are never late! Thus it definitely reaches out a larger population.
  • Damn, we’re good hagglers!  : One thing that women are very good at (apart from everything else) is haggling. Even if a thing is available as the lowest price possible, we have to ask for some bargain. And yes, of course, street shopping provides you with the opportunity of haggling as much as you like, and guess what, nobody minds it!
  • Sales, who cares? : Street shoppers do not mark their goods at a price 10 times higher than the required and then gratify us by giving offers for which one needs to wait all the year round. You can just get in anytime you want and buy your goods at the most reasonable prices.
  • The Essence: Yes, the spirit of a place is in its streets. Branded showrooms have typically the same stuffs at all the places (they go by trends, not to forget). But street shopping always provides you with the things that the place solely owns.
  • Insecurity: As you might be wondering, some people really do feel insecure about walking into malls and branded showrooms. The reasons, as I asked my friends (who feel insecure) are not very clear. Some say it’s just weird whereas the others find that they just don’t fit in.
  • Mall’s a taboo: Some parents, or should I say many, find it inappropriate to let their children shop at some flashy places. Whatever may be the reasons; these parents are always a plus one for street shopping.
  • Attendants, LEAVE ME ALONE: Seriously, the nosy showroom attendants hover on your head all the time. Assistance is what they think they are providing, nuisance is what we get.
  • Binging while shopping: Shopping without some snacks is incomplete. While most of the showrooms ask you to deposit your baggage, street shopping gives you full freedom to grab a bite of some carb.
  • It’s fun: To say the least, it’s fun. You enjoy every bit of it. The perfect girl’s day out.


    So girls, it’s the perfect sunny day, pull up your socks and go (street) shopping!!!








Rachel Karen Green: The Best Dressed Fictional Character Ever

Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston in a sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is by far my most favorite role of all times. From her loose t-shirts, formal wear to her cocktail dresses, her styling as been flawless, not to forget, her awesome hairstyle which was voted No. 3 in a USA poll. Below are some of her snapshots from the show of her formal wear which I deeply admire.

    This picture shows Rachel wearing a brown pullover on a white shirt over       a black skirt showing no hemstitch. Also, the stunning pumps.








Wearing a high neck pullover over a grey knife-pleated skirt and a gorgeous belt. Yeah, yeah, of course, the high heeled boots.








    A full sleeved white shirt over a black straight mid-thigh skirt supported     by black leather boots. Definitely my favourite.








Self explanatory, this is another of my favorite. Simple yet chic










     A business suit with mandarin collared shirt.










An off shoulder buttoned striped shirt over black trousers. Of course, an obvious tie under the shirt makes it a unique style.








   I totally love the halter neck buttoned jacket.








Rachel, undoubtedly looked stunning in whatever she wore. These were some snapshots showing her neat, unique and best dressed styles. Hope you like it..:)

Sustainable Fashion

‘Sustainable’, a word that immediately recalls words like ‘eco friendly’; ‘green,’; ‘organic’; etc. Literally speaking, it’s basically something that is viable for the longest term without causing significant damage to the humans or other living organisms of any sort. With the advent of awareness amongst us regarding the various environmental issues, the need for having sustainability in everything we use has become imperative. Apart from the giant strides made in all fields, sustainability is a major concern in the fashion industry also. Although no concrete bit is done of any sort by the UN, everybody is doing their own share. Various fashion shows are being held, numerous communities have come forward to bring forth the idea of sustainable fashion and also various brands have opened up in the recent times that make only environmental friendly garments.

But the question still arises- What is actually sustainable fashion? Is it using the clothes for a longer duration of time or using materials that are eco-friendly in nature?

The answer still remains elusive.

I still would try to highlight what opinions various people hold, materials that come under sustainable fashion, the different fashion shows held serving the same purpose and also the brands that incorporate sustainability.

The Materials:

The materials that come under sustainable fashion are usually organic cotton, unbleached cotton, synthetic fibers with the least amount of water or regenerated fibers.

Some also believe that the materials that are locally available and do not cause any kind of threat to the environment are also part of sustainable fashion as they both save the cost and do not pollute the nature.

Eco friendly or green cotton

The Fashion Shows:

A very marked event took place at the London Fashion Week at Autumn Winter 2011 featuring ‘Estethica’ which was founded by the British Fashion Council and showcases the growing movement of of cutting edge designers committed to working eco sustainably.

A newspaper dress at Estethica Exhibition


The Vancouver Fashion Week called the Eco-Fashion week which was held in the month of September 2010 had three primary motives- First, to promote environmentally conscious trends in fashion and to applaud and support national and international designers, manufacturers and retailers who are shaping these trends.

Second, to provide opportunities for consumer education about environmentally sustainable practices in the fashion industry, explain the global and personal benefits of adopting these practices, and demonstrate ways in which individuals can make conscious changes in their wardrobe choices and reduce their environmental impact of “waste couture” on our planet.

And third, to generate direct economic benefits for the region

and environmentally friendly businesses in the fashion industry. With this mandate, EFW will establish Vancouver as a world-wide destination for environmentally friendly fashion and couture, and strengthen its image as a green, progressive, and trend-setting city. (quoted from – Vancouver Fashion Week by Jasmine Malik Chua)

A dress from Vancouver Fashion Week September 2010



The Brands:

H&M believe that not only does sustainable fashion a right thing to do but also it brings good business. Karl-Johan Persson, chief executive officer of H&M, said being responsible and using the planet’s resources wisely will encourage both employees and customers, and will eventually lead to higher sales and lower costs.

“We are already beginning to see a trend where consumers choose more responsible brands over less responsible ones. So we need to keep our ear to the ground and find ways to meet or even exceed our customers’ expectations of us,” he said at H&M’s Style and Substance Sustainability Report 2009.

“If we do the right things, we should be able to increase sales and cut costs,” he added.


Edun is another brand launched in 2005 expanded its horizons by 2009 and stepped into sustainable fashion because Christian Kemp Griffin believe that it’s very important for them to know the source of their cotton, not only the manufacturing but also the farming.

The Organizations:

National Association of Sustainable Fashion Designers, founded in the year in 2008-2010, states its mission as – to create social change through design and fashion related businesses by providing education, training and programs that are transformative to the industry and cultivate collaboration, sustainability and economic growth. 

(Courtesy: NASFD Facebook page)

Another renowned organization called The Stanford Sustainable Fashion Collective (SSFC) hosted a sustainable fashion show on Earth Day, 2011, as part of the Vision Earth Festival.


Refashion is a term which draws one’s attention. It’s basically recycling of used garments in our own way. Various garments that have been discarded or out of fashion can be mixed and matched together to form garments with an entirely new look.

RecyCouture is another term which used handmade techniques on garments and time consuming details.

Catalytic Clothing is an idea from Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan. It suggests that apart from not damaging the environment further, there can be certain fabrics developed that help in purifying the air.

Fashion Victim

What would you call a girl wearing a yellow polka dots shirt over a pair of linen shorts, green socks and pink shoes carrying a red bag????….Yes, a fashion victim.

As now must be obvious, a fashion victim is someone who does not possess the sense of dressing. It basically attributes to the fact that they have no idea as to what looks good on them and what makes their appearance horrible. Owing to this definition, it can also be related to an obsession with a particular brand or some accessories or simply a color.

People who are obsessed with a particular brand usually don’t have a clue about things that suit them and things that don’t. It’s like buying everything whether you need it or not. Bizarre as it may sound, it’s like having a closet full of Armani suits, with Gucci belts, Louis Vuitton shoes and Rolex watches. Of course, when it comes to clearing out your closet, I’m sure we’d be able to make out some huge space!!!

Madness for accessories, as it is in most cases for shoes, is a fascination about a particular clothing item. Matching bags with the exact same shade as your dress and sometimes the design too, and also the shoes, the belts and jewelry are nothing but clear symptoms of a fashion victim.

Color mania is not that common, though it’s no less severe. Speaking of which reminds me of a friend having this very serious obsession with the color blue. For her, everything just has to be blue. From the walls of her room, to her pencil, bag, coffee mug to most of the outfits in her closet, only the color Blue rules.

Here’s what you can do to save yourself from falling into the pit:

  1. Keep check of your expenditure. Every time you go shopping, compare the expenditure with your last one.
  2. Have a reality check of your wardrobe every now and then.
  3. Analyze your needs; keep what you really need and dispose off the rest.
  4. Don’t go by brands. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.
  5. A pair of Dior shoes or a Gucci jacket or a Chanel perfume will cause more damage. Drop the brand name; just go by the accessory name.

So it’s high time you stop looking like a mannequin. Don’t follow the dictates of the fashion world mindlessly. Create your own style. Know what looks best on you. Keep it simple.

To wrap it up, in the words of Diana Pemberton Sikes:

“Looking good doesn’t mean you have to appear ridiculously smitten with fashion. Invest in classics, go cheap on trends”.

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Fashion: the “W”hat, the “H”ow and the “W”hen

‘Fashion’ is perceived in various ways by various people. To some it’s the latest trend, the ongoing demand, the available stuff in the market; to some other it’s the bizarre dressing, which makes them stand out; whereas to others it’s the casual or comfortable or the executive look. Whatever the case maybe, in whichever category you fall, fashion is undoubtedly an integral part and parcel of our lifestyle.

Fashion as we all know is an age old phenomenon. Over the past decades it has changed remarkably. From elaborate women design to the more casual and easy-wearable skirt and blouse, we’ve had it all. The complex and tedious hairstyles to the straight professional bangs; from unique handmade footwear to easy-go flats; fashion has held our every nerve.

Designers, of course, play a major role in the trends. What becomes the fashion for a particular season is a mixture of people’s demands and designers’ ideas. Surprisingly, sometimes folks follow a particular trend without even knowing the significance of it.

With fashion are various terms associated like the FADs, the knock-offs, fashion victims, etc. Out of the rest, two very technical terms particularly dazzle me the most:

Haute couture:

In simple terms, this technique involves the most complex and grueling designs which are one of a kind and are not replicated. Originated in France, the lust for intricate dresses spread worldwide. Initially, there were special dressmakers assigned for this work who were hired by only one person, as in you having your own dressmaker. Cool as it may sound, the pressure on the designer to come up with unique, insanely garnished dresses to please his wealthy clients was immense. Some of my designs that caught my attention are:

The picture is a rare Christian Dior masterpiece. With its multiple panels and a different color that is not so common with haute couture design, this one is definitely catchy.

A dress by Givenchy

Avante Garde: 

Though this word technically means innovation, it finds special recognition in the world of fashion. Fashion is basically to create but some things stand out-which can be a particular make-up, some accessories, head gear, etc.

The following images again were appealing:

This eye make-up depicts a bird. Very neatly done, a similar style was used in the movie Black swan

The following image is of a typical hairdo involving a bun, a bob and crimps:

Another unique hairstyle by Chad Drinkwater

Fashion for you is basically what you can handle, what makes you feel confident and what you just can’t resist. Going by the styles of others does not make you fashionable. As Coco Chanel has rightly said,

A woman is two things: Classy and Fabulous