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Fashion: the “W”hat, the “H”ow and the “W”hen

June 24, 2011

‘Fashion’ is perceived in various ways by various people. To some it’s the latest trend, the ongoing demand, the available stuff in the market; to some other it’s the bizarre dressing, which makes them stand out; whereas to others it’s the casual or comfortable or the executive look. Whatever the case maybe, in whichever category you fall, fashion is undoubtedly an integral part and parcel of our lifestyle.

Fashion as we all know is an age old phenomenon. Over the past decades it has changed remarkably. From elaborate women design to the more casual and easy-wearable skirt and blouse, we’ve had it all. The complex and tedious hairstyles to the straight professional bangs; from unique handmade footwear to easy-go flats; fashion has held our every nerve.

Designers, of course, play a major role in the trends. What becomes the fashion for a particular season is a mixture of people’s demands and designers’ ideas. Surprisingly, sometimes folks follow a particular trend without even knowing the significance of it.

With fashion are various terms associated like the FADs, the knock-offs, fashion victims, etc. Out of the rest, two very technical terms particularly dazzle me the most:

Haute couture:

In simple terms, this technique involves the most complex and grueling designs which are one of a kind and are not replicated. Originated in France, the lust for intricate dresses spread worldwide. Initially, there were special dressmakers assigned for this work who were hired by only one person, as in you having your own dressmaker. Cool as it may sound, the pressure on the designer to come up with unique, insanely garnished dresses to please his wealthy clients was immense. Some of my designs that caught my attention are:

The picture is a rare Christian Dior masterpiece. With its multiple panels and a different color that is not so common with haute couture design, this one is definitely catchy.

A dress by Givenchy

Avante Garde: 

Though this word technically means innovation, it finds special recognition in the world of fashion. Fashion is basically to create but some things stand out-which can be a particular make-up, some accessories, head gear, etc.

The following images again were appealing:

This eye make-up depicts a bird. Very neatly done, a similar style was used in the movie Black swan

The following image is of a typical hairdo involving a bun, a bob and crimps:

Another unique hairstyle by Chad Drinkwater

Fashion for you is basically what you can handle, what makes you feel confident and what you just can’t resist. Going by the styles of others does not make you fashionable. As Coco Chanel has rightly said,

A woman is two things: Classy and Fabulous


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  1. missinternationalfashion permalink

    Nice blog, keep it up!

    • thanks a lot..m just a beginner though…trying to improve a lot…m glad you stopped by..

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