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Fashion Victim

June 24, 2011

What would you call a girl wearing a yellow polka dots shirt over a pair of linen shorts, green socks and pink shoes carrying a red bag????….Yes, a fashion victim.

As now must be obvious, a fashion victim is someone who does not possess the sense of dressing. It basically attributes to the fact that they have no idea as to what looks good on them and what makes their appearance horrible. Owing to this definition, it can also be related to an obsession with a particular brand or some accessories or simply a color.

People who are obsessed with a particular brand usually don’t have a clue about things that suit them and things that don’t. It’s like buying everything whether you need it or not. Bizarre as it may sound, it’s like having a closet full of Armani suits, with Gucci belts, Louis Vuitton shoes and Rolex watches. Of course, when it comes to clearing out your closet, I’m sure we’d be able to make out some huge space!!!

Madness for accessories, as it is in most cases for shoes, is a fascination about a particular clothing item. Matching bags with the exact same shade as your dress and sometimes the design too, and also the shoes, the belts and jewelry are nothing but clear symptoms of a fashion victim.

Color mania is not that common, though it’s no less severe. Speaking of which reminds me of a friend having this very serious obsession with the color blue. For her, everything just has to be blue. From the walls of her room, to her pencil, bag, coffee mug to most of the outfits in her closet, only the color Blue rules.

Here’s what you can do to save yourself from falling into the pit:

  1. Keep check of your expenditure. Every time you go shopping, compare the expenditure with your last one.
  2. Have a reality check of your wardrobe every now and then.
  3. Analyze your needs; keep what you really need and dispose off the rest.
  4. Don’t go by brands. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.
  5. A pair of Dior shoes or a Gucci jacket or a Chanel perfume will cause more damage. Drop the brand name; just go by the accessory name.

So it’s high time you stop looking like a mannequin. Don’t follow the dictates of the fashion world mindlessly. Create your own style. Know what looks best on you. Keep it simple.

To wrap it up, in the words of Diana Pemberton Sikes:

“Looking good doesn’t mean you have to appear ridiculously smitten with fashion. Invest in classics, go cheap on trends”.

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  1. Ashirwad permalink

    just made me realise how off-fashion i have been!
    great blog. keep pouring in the knowledge!

    • thanks ashirwad for stopping by. I’m glad to help. There’s lots more for you to come. keep following..:)

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