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10 Reasons Why Women Still Like Street Shopping

July 15, 2011

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Street shopping has always been the most thrilling experience of a woman’s life. Being economically affordable, it is also a mood lifter. Street shopping has always been in practice in some or the other form. Following are some reasons as to why women till date prefer street shopping:

  • Cost-effective: Street shopping has always been very cheap. From the basic to luxurious commodities are easily available on the streets. The quality suffers sometimes, yet, most of the time you are able to extract the best. Surprisingly, you don’t lag in the trends because the knock-outs are never late! Thus it definitely reaches out a larger population.
  • Damn, we’re good hagglers!  : One thing that women are very good at (apart from everything else) is haggling. Even if a thing is available as the lowest price possible, we have to ask for some bargain. And yes, of course, street shopping provides you with the opportunity of haggling as much as you like, and guess what, nobody minds it!
  • Sales, who cares? : Street shoppers do not mark their goods at a price 10 times higher than the required and then gratify us by giving offers for which one needs to wait all the year round. You can just get in anytime you want and buy your goods at the most reasonable prices.
  • The Essence: Yes, the spirit of a place is in its streets. Branded showrooms have typically the same stuffs at all the places (they go by trends, not to forget). But street shopping always provides you with the things that the place solely owns.
  • Insecurity: As you might be wondering, some people really do feel insecure about walking into malls and branded showrooms. The reasons, as I asked my friends (who feel insecure) are not very clear. Some say it’s just weird whereas the others find that they just don’t fit in.
  • Mall’s a taboo: Some parents, or should I say many, find it inappropriate to let their children shop at some flashy places. Whatever may be the reasons; these parents are always a plus one for street shopping.
  • Attendants, LEAVE ME ALONE: Seriously, the nosy showroom attendants hover on your head all the time. Assistance is what they think they are providing, nuisance is what we get.
  • Binging while shopping: Shopping without some snacks is incomplete. While most of the showrooms ask you to deposit your baggage, street shopping gives you full freedom to grab a bite of some carb.
  • It’s fun: To say the least, it’s fun. You enjoy every bit of it. The perfect girl’s day out.


    So girls, it’s the perfect sunny day, pull up your socks and go (street) shopping!!!








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